A Lazy Lament

Parenting During the Work Week

By Every Working Parent Ever

I get home from work at about 5:30 PM.  Mike, having just put Libby down for a short late-afternoon nap, is taking his first deep breath since picking the baby up on his way home from work, letting the dogs out, and feeding them dinner while entertaining an infant.

There is so much I can do with this moment of peace.  Go for a run! Take a nap! Make dinner! But instead, I turn to the bane of my existence – the bottles lined up on the kitchen counter. To my dismay, the collection of dirty bottles grows before it shrinks, as I empty the milk I pumped at work today into bottles to send with Libby tomorrow.  6-8 bottles later (or 10 or 14, if I happened to skip a day) I refill my pump bag with supplies for tomorrow, put ice packs into the freezer, and collapse onto the couch.

Like clockwork, Libby is awake by 6:15.  And she’s hungry.  By the time she’s done eating, we have about an hour and a half to enjoy each other’s company before she’s ready for bed.  At about 7:45, we begin the bedtime routine.  Diaper change, pajamas, story, pacifier, noise machine, good night sweet Elizabeth.

And then she’s asleep.  And it’s dark. And going to the gym this late sounds like a terrible idea.  Oh, and I’m also starving.  So instead of doing anything productive, I find something to eat and then proceed to do nothing.

End scene.

We might be in for a long winter…

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Instant Running Street Cred

In contrast to my previous post on how to instantly lose credibility as a runner, below is a guaranteed method of gaining instant credibility in the Kansas City running community.


Wear a Hospital Hill shirt.

It doesn’t matter how short of a distance you are going or how slowly you are doing it – if you’re wearing a Hospital Hill shirt, you will gain instant respect among your peers in this town.

Bonus: The event is incredibly well-run and I’d recommend it anyway. AND you get the same shirt if you run the 5K, the 10K, or the whole shebang, the half marathon.  Not that any of those courses are exactly a cakewalk.  Hospital Hill makes you earn that shirt.  But once you do…


*note: the first rule of Life with Libby: never hold her without a burp cloth. I will NOT be running in that Hospital Hill shirt today.

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Running Lesson #1

A facebook friend posted this link and I can’t help but pass it on.

Paul Ryan Has Not Run Sub-3:00 Marathon

All political opinions aside, I love that this perfectly illustrates the nature of runners.  You tell us that you ran a race, and you’d better believe we’re looking that shizz up – whether the race was yesterday or 20 years ago.

So don’t lie about your time.  You might think it would make you look good, but it does nothing for your reputation as a runner.  Or your credibility as a human being in general.  Just sayin’.

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Returning to Work

When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.  True story.
-Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother

Tomorrow is the big day.  After 8.5 weeks at home with Libby, I am returning to the workforce.

When I first announced my pregnancy at work, I was shocked that the first question people asked was whether I’d be returning after the baby was born.  Well duh, I thought to myself.  I’m clearly a career lady; of course I’d return, and pick up being awesome right where I left off.

I had originally planned to go back on Monday (yesterday) but due to Libby’s two-month checkup scheduled this afternoon, I changed the day  to avoid having to leave work so soon after returning.

Fast forward to today.  The doctor’s office called to reschedule the appointment to Friday afternoon.  So, despite my excellent planning, I’ll have to take time off of work after just 2.5 days in the office.  This isn’t the end of the world, of course.  It’s common for working women to miss work to care for their children.  The problem is… it’s not common for me to miss work. This is new territory for me.

I’ve always envisioned myself defying stereotypes, perfectly balancing family life with professional success. I didn’t expect it to be easy; if it was, I think we’d see a lot more women in high-level positions.  But that’s just not the case.  Every day, women – driven, motivated, professional “career ladies” just like me – find that it is just too difficult to continue those professional aspirations when their hearts are with little ones at home.  I’m not even back at work yet and I’m realizing just how tough it is going to be to remain dedicated to both career and family.

No matter how meticulous the plans, they can always be disrupted.  While I deeply desire to maintain professionalism and win respect and make things happen and continue being generally awesome, it’s going to take a lot more effort than it once did.   I’m going to have to be more dedicated and productive than ever – because if something comes up and Libby needs me, I’ll be there in a second.  (Or 5 minutes, since that is the distance between the office and the sitter.  But you know what I mean.)

On the upside, our little girl won’t have to get her first shots mere hours before I head back to work for the first time.  This way, we can both do our best to be all smiles throughout the week…

…and have the whole weekend to recover from those nasty shots.

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation: 2012 Edition


This is just how I envisioned my summer.  Lounging on the deck, sipping a Fresca while Libby napped in the shade.

This didn’t happen for several reasons:
1. It took us the entire summer to figure this whole parenting thing out; relaxation has been pretty hard to come by.
2. Naptime is the only time to get anything done – laundry, dishes, etc.
3. This was the HOTTEST SUMMER EVER.
4.  Even if the weather was mild, there is no shade to be found at our house.

But for one day at my parents’ house, the weather is gorgeous; Libby is content; and Mama Lou and Papa Steve are glad to take care of us.  It wasn’t my whole summer, but it sure is a nice way to end it.

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