No Time to Lose

Here we are – January 11.  I should be eleven days into training for the marathon on May 1.

And guess what? I’m already behind schedule.  Not that I really had a schedule in the first place.  I’m really getting off to a great start, aren’t I? 

If there’s one thing I know about myself, it’s that I need to be kept accountable.  In my day-to-day life, I do this with self-imposed deadlines and many, many to-do lists.  Since I stopped running with a competitive team, things on that side have gotten a bit trickier.  I try to keep myself on the training train by signing up for races on a regular basis, but my winter schedule is pretty much empty. 

Tonight, I got home at dusk.  I have a paranoid strict no-running-alone-after-dark policy, so although it was a balmy 30 degrees today, running outside is not an option.  Unless I want to get even further behind schedule, my only option is to slave away at the gym on my absolute nemesis, the treadmill. 

As I ate dinner with my husband, the urge to hang out on the couch grew stronger.  I was mere moments from giving in.  I had to do something drastic.

So I came into the office, sat down at the computer, and formally registered for the Illinois Marathon.  And in that little box where you predict your finish time, I did it.  I wrote down the number I’ve been thinking about for a few months now, and am just barely getting started at my attempt to put it into action.


109 days away. No refunds.

So if you’ll kindly excuse me, I have somewhere to be.


About stillarunner

I used to run. Some days, I even ran fast. Then I got a job. And met a boy. And bought a house. And rescued a dog. And rescued another dog. And went back to school. And created human life. I might not run every day, or even every week. There’s a good possibility that I will never be fast again. But I’m still a runner.
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One Response to No Time to Lose

  1. Shaina says:

    Yes! That’s awesome! I’m so proud of you! 🙂

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