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Choose Your Own Adventure

My training plan for this marathon is something I’ve been referring to as my “Choose Your Own Adventure” training plan.  In other words, I do what I want.  For example: last week’s long run called for 16 miles.  Not exactly chump … Continue reading

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My Very First Punch in the Face

I’m not a fighter.  In fact, I’m as non-confrontational as it gets.  When conflict arises, I run far, far away.  (The husband may disagree – but that’s different. Right?)  Needless to say, I’ve never been in a physical fight. So … Continue reading

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Hydration SUCCESS!

I spent much of my Friday evening at Gary Gribble’s, our local running store, scoping out their selection of hydration supplies.  While they did not carry the specific brands my good friend Jen recommended, they did have quite a wide … Continue reading

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The Coldest Race Ever

I’m not sure if I’ve ever raced in colder conditions than the Love 2 Run 4-mile race last Sunday.  Morning temps in the teens plus double-digit wind speeds made for a bitterly cold day for Bridgette’s first race.  I was … Continue reading

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It’s About Time (And a Hydration Question)

Remember weeks ago when I revealed that I’m a big wimp and too scared to show up to an established running group, for fear of who knows what? Well, I finally sucked it up and went.  And guess what?  It … Continue reading

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