(Nearly) Effortless Domestic Success

If you don’t mind, I’d like to interrupt this running program for a second.  My last post raised a question I’m really looking forward to answering, but for the moment I’m all proud of myself for something completely unrelated, so I feel the need to brag share.

I haven’t exactly been blessed with a green thumb.  Or, if I have, it has not been properly developed.  Because when it comes to keeping plants alive and healthy, I’m kind of no good at it.  

My mom is a gardening extraordinaire.  Ever since we got a DSLR camera, I’ve been using her plants as subjects every time I come home to visit.  Her gorgeous lily patch (that she cross-pollenates with a toothpick in order to create hybrids) inspired me last year to pay a little attention to my own sad landscape.

Mom’s flower bed, June 2009

(I won’t post the “July” edtion of this photograph – just be encouraged that two homeland visits from now, they will be back at the lake with a fresh canvas to plant for next spring.)

So last summer I got out my shovel and dug out a small flower bed around our mailbox.  I was pleased with the result of my effort, but fully acknowledged it was awkward and incomplete:

 My flower bed, Summer 2009

This spring, I was THRILLED when what came up was brighter and fuller than what I planted the year before.  I was so thrilled, in fact, that I was motivated to dig out the rest of the space.  It’s still not completely finished, but no more awkward kidney-bean shape! Hooray!

My flower bed, summer 2010

But that’s not all!

We inherited some landscape that may have been well-cared for at one time, but fell into disarray the summer before we bought the house.  I was pleased to see some perennials come up that first spring, but didn’t take the time to care for them myself.  Here’s the front of our house last summer – lots of green, but a general mess.  If you look REALLY closely, you can find one sad little bloom amid all the growth.

Summer 2009

I don’t know what has made this year different from last.  All I’ve really done is take out the shears once in awhile to contain the craziness.

This is what I did after church today.


The presentation might be mediocre, but those are blooms off of “MY” hydrangea.  I took off five of them to make this little bouquet, and the plant is still leaning over from the weight of all the flowers that remain.  I’m sure the success is due to our unusually wet winter and spring, but because this thing grows in my yard, the credit is mine for the taking!  (And to give myself even more credit that I don’t deserve: apparently, blue hydrangeas are rare or something. It has to do with aluminum in the soil.  Let’s pretend it was intentional.)

So while I’ve spent no more than 10 minutes in the yard today, I feel quite successful at this whole “domestication” endeavor. 

Mom, aren’t you proud?


About stillarunner

I used to run. Some days, I even ran fast. Then I got a job. And met a boy. And bought a house. And rescued a dog. And rescued another dog. And went back to school. And created human life. I might not run every day, or even every week. There’s a good possibility that I will never be fast again. But I’m still a runner.
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3 Responses to (Nearly) Effortless Domestic Success

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  3. Lula says:

    Yes, I am. It’s beautiful. Show us a picture of the bush too!

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