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The Casual Runner

I didn’t head into pregnancy in peak physical condition.  I spent the last 9 months before pregnancy as a strictly casual runner. What, exactly, is the casual runner?  The casual runner enjoys running, but doesn’t train.  Running is done for … Continue reading

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C-Section Recovery

Alternate Title: It Takes a Village I anticipated being physically limited for a time after giving birth.  I’d heard stories, and read countless blogs, recounting recovery from both natural deliveries and cesareans.  But when it happens to you, and you … Continue reading

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A Brief Birth Story

Fetal Intolerance to Labor. That was the official diagnosis after 40 weeks and 3 days of gestation, going into labor naturally on a Wednesday – where I worked a half-day and went mall-walking that afternoon, followed by 8 hours of … Continue reading

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Work/Life Balance

Just like every pregnancy, mine was broken into three distinct segments.  Mine, however, were a bit different than what is typical: 1.  Grad School Stress 2.  Career Stress 3.  Physical Stress Scrolling through this blog’s ancient history (which, since late … Continue reading

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Still a Runner, even after childbirth

Remember me?  As it turns out, it’s hard for me to write about running when I’m not doing much of it.  For some reason, it’s also hard for me to write about not-running when that is exactly what I’m doing.  … Continue reading

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