It’s a Start

Today is my first day at home by myself, since my husband is back to school for the new year.

Again, I have no idea how anyone does this alone. While we’re surviving the day just fine, it is impossible for me to do much of anything besides this:


But hey, I’m wearing running clothes. So it’s a start.


About stillarunner

I used to run. Some days, I even ran fast. Then I got a job. And met a boy. And bought a house. And rescued a dog. And rescued another dog. And went back to school. And created human life. I might not run every day, or even every week. There’s a good possibility that I will never be fast again. But I’m still a runner.
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One Response to It’s a Start

  1. Emily says:

    Have fun! When I had 1, I was in awe of people who had 2. Now that I have 2, I’m in awe of anyone who has more than 2!

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