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“Remembering” 1993

People might look back on 1993 and remember it by one of many significant events.  My husband will tell you all about the Great Flood in St. Louis.  Many people I grew up with were consumed with excitement over the … Continue reading

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Under an Alias

In college, there was a certain school in our conference whose runners all seemed to get married before graduation.  (Hi, Megan!)  It seemed that every fall, another one of their athletes would show up to the first race with two … Continue reading

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A Surprise PR

I realized on my way up to the Northland for the Groundhog Run on Sunday that I couldn’t remember my 10K PR.  In fact, as I scanned the memory banks for instances where I actually RAN a 10K, I came … Continue reading

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Step One: Find the Pace

Twenty three minutes. I want to run this marathon twenty three minutes faster than my last. That’s an entire sitcom, people.  No easy task! And it’s not like my first marathon was easy. Throughout training, the final miles of every … Continue reading

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Goals and Stuff

So, here we go.  It’s official.  After running my first marathon just to say I did it, I’m registered to run another.  My goals for San Diego 2009 were pretty simple.  If I finished, I’d accomplish what I set out … Continue reading

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