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My Teleporting Garmin

I’ve worn the Garmin Forerunner 405 for every race so far in 2010.  Mike got it for me for Christmas, and it has become a staple of nearly every run.  At first I hesitated to wear it on training runs, thinking … Continue reading

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Road ID

Last week I picked up my packet for the Brent Bays 5K and headed to Subway for lunch. I then proceeded to get irrationally emotional as I sorted through the contents of the packet and read the slogan on the Road ID order … Continue reading

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Hydration SUCCESS!

I spent much of my Friday evening at Gary Gribble’s, our local running store, scoping out their selection of hydration supplies.  While they did not carry the specific brands my good friend Jen recommended, they did have quite a wide … Continue reading

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Step One: Find the Pace

Twenty three minutes. I want to run this marathon twenty three minutes faster than my last. That’s an entire sitcom, people.  No easy task! And it’s not like my first marathon was easy. Throughout training, the final miles of every … Continue reading

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