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I’d Rather Be Fast Than Skinny

I haven’t lost a pound since Libby was two weeks old. There are two ways to lose weight: A) decreasing calories, or B) increasing activity. While there are many women who claim breastfeeding helps them lose their baby weight quickly, I … Continue reading

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An Open Letter

To the person who found my blog by googling “Can Runner Eat Cheeseburger”: YES. All the best, Cheeseburger McGee

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Garbage Out

I don’t believe in simultaneously running and attempting to lose weight.  I personally believe it’s a very unhealthy combination, as I outlined here several months ago. However, that doesn’t change the fact that I feel a whole lot better about … Continue reading

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On Running and Weight Loss

I have a very firm belief on running and weight loss that I have held for quite awhile. You can run to lose weight, or you can run to get faster. It is very unwise to try to do both. While one might naturally come along with the other, there’s a very fine line before arriving at the conclusion that one LEADS to another. On their own, intense training and weight loss are prone enough to obsession. Put them together, and I feel it is nothing short of dangerous. Continue reading

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Two Weeks Out!

Two weeks until the marathon. Actually, two weeks from now, I will be back in the homeland with a medal around my neck.  In theory. I’m starting to get excited, and nervous, and all of those wonderful things that come … Continue reading

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